May God find your very heart, to guide to nurture, to honor you as far as you want to take this journey we have partaken in on earth. You are capable of great things, so go for it, nothing is stopping you, and God is there comforting and feeding you his energy to get from point A to point B everyday all day. I have witnessed many miracles with my own eyes and am praying all of you have a sacred personal relationship with The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the continuance of an amazing and pure existance you have witnessed and continue to experience every day, all day, forevermore, never to cease be the candle lit of your life source but go on infinitly.

Born December 18, 1984, I had a good childhood. Full of laughter, I had the best life anyone could imagine. I was a thinker and my mind always wondered back and forth about interesting philosiphical questions and answers. Until one day at age 16 when my mind literally went crazy from considering to much information for the mind to think and it simply boggled my mind. From that many dark experiences began to happen. My mind began to become a dark empty place where the prowler, or the devil and demons found my mind there resting place due to inactivity and the void in my brain.  A religious one, I knew not that I would have to struggle with this condition of mine for many more years to come and up to the current period of time. It began by hearing friends voices in my head encouraging me, and then discouraging me. I thought these voices were actual friends, due to there dimenor, tone of voice, and personality, in which sounded and was portrayed as the friends voice exactly as they would do. One day after a bit of time had passed and I became accustomed to these voices, I was having trouble sleeping and I was conversing with the voices back and forth thinking I was speaking to Jesus. This was more of a un heard voice but understood what words were being said kinda thing that you must experience to understand. The voice I considered Jesus, after a few hours of conversing, said "Go to kitchen" so I obeyed the so be it Messiahs order and walked to the kitchen. It then said "Climb" and I felt my spirit being led to the kitchen counter and beyond the kitchen counter upwards. So I  climbed upwards toward the area the energy was leading me and then the voice said, "Top of fridgerator" . The fridge was next to the counter I climbed on top of and I looked to the top of the fridge. I noticed a lamp on the top of the fridge. The voice I thought was Jesus, then said "Get lamp" so I got the lamp. Me and the lamp sit there and await further instructions. Then the voice encouraged me to unscrew the bottom of the lamp. So I did so following orders of the Messiah, so I thought. I noticed after I unscrewd the bottom of the lamp, which there was like a bowl shaped object that came off of the lamp itself, and I the noticed a liquid form in the bowl itself. The voice got very angry, and began to get more and more intense with each of its next further driven, further commanded orders and said "Drink wine with me", "Drink, drink, drink, drink!" So I obeyed and due to the fact I was completely delerious I drank the liquid. It tasted nasty but I drank the whole bowl of liquid and after a few minutes of wondering what the heck I just did, because finally after I came to some sense and understanding I thought to myself, that was not Jesus, or of Jesus in any way shape or form. Feeling dizzy and confused something told me to go tell my father what had happened. Just as I had climbed with directional energy to the top of the kitchen counter, there was something out of this world leading me to tell my father. So I went to my father and began to speak, utterly confused and going back and forth weather or not it was Jesus or the devil or demon like entity that wanted me to drink the liquid. I said, dad I drank something out of the lamp and told him my reasoning for doing so. My father then said Aaron, Jesus would never lead you to drink oil out of a lamp. Noticing he acknowledged what it was I became frightened, I drank alot of it, I thought to myself, and began considering death. I was braught to the hospital and after awhile by the grace of God the liquid began to come out of me in the butt area, and it seemed like most all of it came out between the few hours I was hospitalized. My family were greatful, and so was I. But in my mind, i knew my parents were wondering what in Gods name is going on here. It was normal to me just the dark entity doing what it does best. Decieving it's victims from a true reality and altering the state of things, in existance, as we know it. Thats what all of there intentions are and were and will ever be. To eliminate what is of love is there duty, and they will do there best to create this situation anywere and everywere love exist. But through this story you can see as the oil dripped out my body that Gods will, was the final victor, and as I went through hell, I came out in heaven, as God cleansed my body clean of all oil and a miracle of The Lord was witnessed and now you know as a very witness through these words, that God's little miracle took place in my life just as you believed and thus believe in these very words of acknowledgment of the ordeal itself, simply by reading and believing. Further more, I went on to carry on in life, and this situation quickly became a memory of mine, and let me tell you this. After this situation took place, about once every two years or so I would estimate, there were these kind of situations that happened to me. Basically from the demonic possession of my mind there became situational happenings that manifested from my minds consumption of the evil. These evil instances being understood by others, or only witnessed of myself. I feared not and held strong and God was always the victor. But up til this point in my life I have had to deal with these situations consistently and the voices in my head constantly, throughout the past, present, and until I get a exorcism I believe I will not be healed of this dark intentioned entity of evil that dwealith within thy consiouss mind. Please understand im not trying to scare you, only trying to explain how my life has been for years upon years, and I hope you identify this story, along with the others I have, as declared alive in my lyrics I have written as you can hear here on this website and now understand were im coming from. May God be good to you, and may you be good to God, may you trust him and his mysterious ways wherever you go, and through whatever you do may you be accompanied by his very spirit. Holy Spirit live within you, Holy Spirit guide you, and may the messiahs rain victorious forever and ever more, past, present, future, thank you, God Bless you!